Lime Sport
Created with love, joy and desire for our clients and followers - to give them a taste of motivation on the best days, same as, on the lowest days. Our goal is to create an opportunity for everyone to take the first step inside of a World where sport becomes daily and a passion of yours.
No one is born as an athlete, no one is born as a master. The basis of success is willpower and discipline. If you want something very badly, you have to take a step towards it. We will always be here to motivate and support you. You can workout while looking stylish. Step by step, hand in hand with LimeSport so that each of you reaches the top.
Resistance bands
Give your workouts a load with LimeSport fabric resistance bands. Bands are great for stretching, shaping and toning the body, even for weight training and cardio. Go to our store section and choose the most suitable option for you - colour and resistance bands strenght.
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In order for the goal to live - we should give them the sharp